Veggie Bowls are a great raw food snack!


Raw Snacks

Veggie bowls are tasty and refreshing, with lots of room for creativity. My Mom and I love to eat these for a healthy snack or lunch cause they’re fast and filling. There’s also no limit to what you can use to “stuff” these with.

Just add as many favorite veggies as you can get your mouth around… and enjoy!!!

You’ll need:

5 large lettuce leaves (more or less according to your appetite)

Raw goat or cow cheese (or raw avocado)

1 large organic Tomato

organic cucumber

organic bell pepper

a few small raw mushrooms

handful of Organic alfalfa sprouts

organic Cold pressed Olive oil

organic apple cider vinegar

chives or parsley

Garlic powder or Onion powder

Salt & Pepper

Add or take away any veggies you like.

Try adding your favorite raw dressing for some extra flavor!


Slice cheese (or avocado), tomato, mushrooms and shred carrots.

Lay lettuce leaves on a large plate (like bowls) and start layering them with the cheese and veggies.

When you’ve filled them to a level where you can still “comfortably” eat them, drizzle a small amount of olive oil and vinegar over them.

Lightly sprinkle spices over each one…….     YUMMY!

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