Raw Cheese

Cheese is one of my all-time favorite foods, and learning how to make this recipe was a real treat for me. I was surprised at how easy it is to prepare. It tastes absolutely wonderful, and goes great with other foods too. We have gallons of raw goat’s milk this time of year, and my Grandmother wanted to teach me how to use it for raw cheese. Wow, I am so glad she did! (And by the way, using raw cow’s milk works just as good!)

This is not a firm cheese. It reminds me of a softer version of feta… or a fine curd cottage cheese. Superb topping for salads, crackers, and other dishes. I also feel so good eating this because it has loads of vitamins, minerals, protein and enzymes which help you digest it properly. It’s really a nutritional super food!


Place 3 quarts raw milk in large pan and turn heat to medium.

Stir gently until milk reaches 112 degrees. (Use kitchen thermometer)

Pour warm milk into a gallon size (transparent) container and check temp again to be sure it’s not lower than 110 degrees.

While stirring warm milk with spatula, add 1 TBS citric acid (rounded).

When the citric acid hits the milk, only stir it 2 or 3 more times.

Leave it to set for 20-30 minutes.

You can see that the citric acid has collected the protein in small clumps and is separating from the rest of the liquid.

Then strain through a cheese cloth and squeeze all excess milk out of the lump of cheese until there is no dripping.

Place the lump of cheese in a bowl and separate it into small clumps with a fork.

Mix  1  1/2 tsp raw sea salt into 1 cup of fresh raw milk and pour over crumbled cheese.

gently stir till milk is even distributed. For a thinner raw cheese or to make it go farther, just add more milk.

(Makes approx 2-3 cups of delicious raw cheese.)

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