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I get excited whenever I find a new raw food recipe that tastes great and leaves me feeling full and satisfied. And since most of us who are trying to focus on eating more raw food are always conscious of getting enough protein, this raw food protein recipe has become a favorite of mine.






2 cups (rounded) chopped Sunflower Seeds

1 tsp. Sea Salt

2 tsp. Onion Powder

2 Tbs. Olive Oil

2 1/2 Tbs. Lemon Juice

2 tsp. garlic powder

1/4 cup Lewis Lab Brewers Yeast

1 diced tomato, carrot, leafy greens, etc. (optional)

1 package Nori Wraps (raw and organic)

In a bowl, mix chopped sunflower seeds and all dry ingredients together, then mix with oil and lemon juice.

Packs of nori usually have about 20 sheets. Holding the stack of nori sheets (long ways, left to right) cut directly up the middle.

On each small section, use a spoon to spread the sunflower mix along the long edge the nori sheet. Fill to desired thickness.

Then roll up and cut into sections if desired.  Dehydrate (optional) for 2 hours 110 degrees. Serve or refrigerate.

What is Nori? It’s a dark green, dried sea vegetable that is common in Japanese cuisine. Its flavor is mild, a bit salty and very pleasant. Nori is roughly one third protein, one third fiber and contains many vitamins and minerals such as A, C, calcium, zinc, iodine and iron. I was never that crazy about foods from the ocean, but I have changed my opinion since I was introduced to the Raw Nori Wrap!

The sunflower seeds in this recipe are another source of raw food protein. Raw sunflower seeds are power-packed with healthy fats, fiber, minerals, vitamin E, and raw protein! In this recipe, they absorb the spices and lemon juice beautifully, making them taste far more amazing than just a simple seed. I hope you like this recipe as much as I do, because I am thoroughly “hooked” on its meaty, spicy tang… with just a hint of the sea!

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Holly lives on a small farm in Virginia, raises exotic cats and works at a health food store. She loves God and all kinds of people and animals too. She has seen tremendous benefits from eating raw foods and trying to live a healthy lifestyle and hopes to help others do the same. She and her husband Doug, have 4 goats, 6 cats, 2 dogs, 3 chickens and 23 guinea fowl.

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3 Responses to “Need Raw Food Protein?”

  1. Holly Says:

    One of the more difficult things for me as I eat raw is filling, protein rich foods. This Nori Wrap tastes fabulous and is filling as well! Thanks for a great site and superb recipes!


    • shana Says:

      Thank you for the comment, Holly! I appreciate it. So glad you are enjoying the recipes! 🙂


      • Avani Says:

        Love the way your touching so many pelope and make them think about the way we are doing things. I already began to make a change and it feels good. God has a perfect plan for you and being obedient to his Word and to his voice, you will be more amazing than you are right NOW. God bless all your plans!!!


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