Greek Salad

This Greek Salad is my all-time favorite! It’s fresh, healthy, hearty and makes your taste buds go craaaazzzy! Perfect for a church picnic or family dinner. Everybody loves it. (I put a full size photo here ’cause  just looking at it makes me happy!)

Greek Salad
Romaine lettuce
Spinach leaves
Raw organic olives
organic sweet onions
Organic cucumber
Raw goat cheese (see raw cheese recipe)
Roma tomatoes (or cherry tomatoes)
Olive oil- cold pressed
Raw organic lemon juice
Sea salt
(Apple chunks can also be a tasty addition)

For a simpler Greek salad that tastes amazing in it’s own way, just leave out the spinach, lettuce, olives, cheese and apple.  Combine tomato, cucumber, onion, olive oil, salt & pepper in a bowl. Then add some garlic and herbs such as oregano, basil or thyme.
Meal times and family gatherings have always been an integral part of Greek culture, as is preparing wholesome and fresh foods! The warm, dry climate provides the ideal growing conditions for olive and lemon trees and both olive oil and lemons are important ingredients in the Greek diet today. Personally, I think that a raw diet lacking these 2 ingredients, would be seriously deficient.  We can also thank Greece for feta cheese! YUM!

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  1. chia seeds Says:

    I seriously enjoyed this post. appreciate it.


  2. Auth Says:

    I made this salad and it was delicious!!! I made it with raisns and left out the olives… and wow! Best salad ever! thanks for sharing


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