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Basil Tomato Soup


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I think you’ll love this basil tomato soup if you try it! I’m enjoying a big bowl of it right now. It’s creamy with mild spices that add a warm and inviting flavor. Raw tomatoes are full of incredible benefits for your body. Here are a few of them: Raw tomatoes may aid in detoxing of the liver, and may help protect it from cirrhosis (liver disease). Tomatoes can be very good for your blood- they contain a high amount of something called Lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant which may prevent cell damage. One of the nutrients in tomatoes may also help lower cholesterol. Because tomatoes are so satisfying to our bodies, they can help decrease appetite and may encourage […]

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Raw Soup (cream of spinach)



This raw cream of spinach soup is completely scrumptious and satisfying even if you eat just a little! Tastes delicious warmed up, or fresh out of the frig. The chopped spinach leaves give it a pretty look and  great texture, while the raw cashews provide a delicately creamy base. This raw soup is a good way to increase your intake of raw protein, magnesium, fiber, and the important amino acid tryptophan.  Just one ounce of raw cashews contains an impressive amount of raw minerals, ready to nourish our bodies. It may even help relieve mild symptoms of depression. Maybe that’s why God shaped cashews like a smile…. Raw Soup 1 1/2 cup raw milk 1 cup raw cashew butter 2 tsp. sea salt […]

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