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Cranberry Orange Juice



Mmmm! This is the best drink ever!  Just about everyone loves the sweet freshness of orange juice any time of the year, but we think that cranberry orange juice is an even more amazing treat…… It has that delicious orange flavor, but with an added tang from the cranberries. And the raw honey tones down the tartness to create a very refreshing and beautiful drink. My family and friends love it even if they’re not into raw foods! And my husband and I have been drinking it every day! We enjoy it with any meal- early or late. And the fact that its easy to make and has tons of great health benefits just adds to its delight-fulness! Its a […]

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Blueberry Breakfast Shake Recipe


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Blueberry Breakfast Shake Recipe 1 1/2 cups raw milk 3 TBS raw honey 3 eggs 1 tsp vanilla 1 small handful spinach leaves 1 cup frozen blueberries 2 1/2 TBS  raw almond butter 1 banana (frozen or fresh) 4 milk cubes (freeze milk in ice cube tray) Place all ingredients in Vita mix and blend on high until smooth.    Enjoy!!! Makes 2 servings.   Mmmmm! As far as a breakfast shake recipe goes, this is definitely my new favorite. The flavors are amazing! Cool and creamy, with a sweet nutty flavor…. Its easy to make and you can’t really mess it up. Once again, it was an experiment with whatever I could find to put in it. I was […]

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Justin’s Green Juice Recipe



Need some tasty, green energy? A good friend of mine perfected this fruity recipe, and we liked it so much it became a daily routine. He could drink about a 1/2 gallon of it in one sitting!             However you like your green juice, big glass or small, it’s jam-packed with the life giving nutrition that your body is begging for.  It tastes simply delicious! I started to crave it after drinking it for a few weeks. Very light and refreshing. The benefits of all the raw fruits in this green drink are incredible! But I think the biggest thriller is the fact that it’s GREEN! Remember how Mom always said spinach will make you […]

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Creamy Raw Nut Milk



Need a refreshing dairy substitute?  Here’s a sweet raw nut treat!   3 cups Purified Water 1 cup Raw Organic Almonds 1 TBS Raw Honey or Raw Agava Nectar 1/2 tsp pure Vanilla Extract Blend until creamy and frothy.  Refrigerate or enjoy immediately. Always shake before drinking as the the water and nuts will separate while it sits. Should keep well up to a week or so in the frig.   There are many benefits gained from eating raw almonds daily. They are a great natural fat burning food, so it may help in natural weight loss because it has good fiber content. Plus, more fiber content can help in good digestion as well as increasing energy level. Some people […]

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Raw Food Smoothie Recipe



A Raw Food Smoothie is one of the best ways to start your day feeling prepared for anything! I discovered this quick and delicious recipe by accident a few weeks ago. Normally I make my fruit smoothies with raw goats milk, but on this particular morning, there was none to be found in my frig. So I decided to try water as a substitute. Even while I was mixing the ingredients, I was wondering if I would like this new dairy-free concoction. But from the first taste, I was in love!!! This raw food smoothie is so light and incredibly refreshing, yet filling too…… Here is what you need: * 5 med-lg. Frozen organic strawberries (or other frozen fruit) *1 Frozen organic […]

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